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Palau de la Música Print, BARCELONA


Art print from the Barcelona Series. Palau de la Música

Upon entering the room from the first floor, it has the effect of a dark entrance, immediately finding, with a great theatrical effect, the explosion of light and color that the large room has, the stained glass windows on both sides run from the floor to the ceiling with the first and second floor of seats as if they were trays, columns decorated with colored mosaics like the ceiling with red and white glazed ceramic roses, at the intersection of the upper arches you can see some mosaics in a semicircle representing turkey tails royal with all its splendor and color, and in the center of the roof serving for natural and electric light, the large skylight made by Antoni Rigalt i Blanch, like a large sun in the shape of an inverted sphere, with golden crystals in the center and surrounded by others with softer blue and white tones representing female busts.

Sheet printed on 320 gr paper. High Quality Embossing. Measurements 23 x 23 cm.

Recommended IKEA Hovsta frame 23x23 cm.

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