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The simplicity of a memory
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Minuni Art

Minuni is an Artistic Seal that represents the mental image of a place.

A thought, a memory about a place is a mental image simplified to the limit while maintaining its essence.
Minuni extracts that image and represents it in graphic language.

There are various influences that have led Minuni to have its own style.
Passion for architecture and cultural heritage, for the painting of the 20th avant-garde with great influence of the first Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Picasso, Piet Mondrian or the powerful strokes of Chillida's graphic work.

The goal is to transform a real image into a mental image.

Behind each Minuni there is an exciting creative process: capturing the essence of a place, looking for the most appropriate composition and framing, beginning to draw increasingly synthesized sketches until reaching the essence of what it represents. Once that design is achieved in lines, we work in the digital world in which the possibilities of colors, sizes and applications multiply.