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Medina Azahara Print, CÓRDOBA


Art print. Medina Azahara in Córdoba

Medina al-Zahara was ordered to be built by the first caliph of Al-Andalus as part of the political, economic and ideological program launched after the establishment of the caliphate. The dignity of caliph requires the founding of a new city, a symbol of his power in imitation of other eastern caliphates and also to show his superiority over his great enemies, the Fatimids of Ifriqiyya, the northern part of the African continent.
Regarding the origin of the name, it could come from the name of his most beloved wife Azahara, which means "The Flower" who suggested he build a beautiful city outside the walls of Córdoba.

Sheet printed on 320 gr paper. High Quality Embossing. Measurements 23 x 23 cm.

Recommended IKEA Hovsta frame 23x23 cm.

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