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The Alhambra Art Print, GRANADA


Art print from the Spain Series. The Alhambra of Granada .

The Alhambra is an Andalusian palatine city. It consists of a set of palaces, gardens and fortress that housed a true citadel within the city of Granada itself.
Its true appeal lies not only in the interiors, but also in its location and adaptation, generating a new landscape but fully integrated with the pre-existing nature. It rises on the Sabika hill, one of the highest points in the city of Granada. This location sought a strategic defensive situation.
The first written references to a military site in the area date back to the year 899. In the middle of the 11th century, when Granada became the capital of the Taifa kingdom, under the Zirid dynasty, the buildings were expanded. The Alhambra became a royal residence, starting in 1238.

Sheet printed on 320 gr paper. High Quality Embossing. Measurements 23 x 23 cm.

Recommended IKEA Hovsta frame 23x23 cm.

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