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Fisterra Lighthouse Print, LA CORUÑA


Art print from the Spain Series. Fisterra Lighthouse in La Coruña

This place was considered for centuries the limit of the known lands, the border of the Beyond, the End of the World.
The point is a cliff rising from the feared islets of O Petonciño and A Centola to the mountain of O Facho (242 m) where it seems that the Ara Solis of Antiquity was used to celebrate solar rites.
Since the beginning of time, Fisterra evokes an unfathomable mystery in the souls of men. Open to the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, they rest on the mythology of the first settlers of Europe. The ancients believed that the earthly world gave way, with the arrival of death, to another existence on an island located to the west, where the sun set.

Sheet printed on 320 gr paper. High Quality Embossing. Measurements 23 x 23 cm.

Recommended IKEA Hovsta frame 23x23 cm.

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