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Roman City Art Print of Tarraco, TARRAGONA


Art print. Roman City of Tarraco

Tarraco was during the Roman Empire one of the main cities of Hispania and capital of the Roman province Hispania Tarraconensis. In 2000, the archaeological complex was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Many important Roman ruins still remain. Part of the foundations of the great Cyclopean walls near Pilate's Barracks are believed to date from before Roman times. A building that was a prison in the 19th century, it is said that it was the palace of Augustus.
The amphitheater was built at the end of the 2nd century AD, in a space that had been a funerary area. During the empire of Elagabalus, various reforms were carried out. In the 3rd century, during the persecutions against Christians, the city's bishop and his deacons were burned alive in the sand.

Sheet printed on 320 gr paper. High Quality Embossing. Measurements 23 x 23 cm.

Recommended IKEA Hovsta frame 23x23 cm.

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